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    Said to be of an army hospital nurse, this postmortem photograph shows a young woman holding a book, possibly a small bible or testament. The revenue stamp on the back dates this image to 1864. Annapolis was the site of one of the largest Union Army hospitals during the Civil War, and at least five female nurses died of diseases caught while tending patients there. Three of them died in late 1863 and two died in early 1865.

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Unidentified African American soldier in Union cavalry uniform with cavalry saber in front of painted backdrop showing landscape. c. 1864

Four African American Men during U.S. Civil War.... ***Read the article. I'm so naive at times...

1864 Mother figure from Brendon um due to apron probly nany mom wouldn't have worn the apron in only takes a second to take it off ya know

The Marlboro State Psychiatric Hospital - opened in 1931 in Marlboro, New Jersey but by 1979, 131 patients fell ill due to food poisoning, one woman, who escaped unnoticed for 48 hours, froze to death nearby, and a man was kept tied to his bed for 80 hours over the span of 5 days and died due to blood clots. Over 940 patients died and were buried with their graves marked with only numbers. It's no wonder spirits are restless and make themselves known here.

+~+~ Antique Photograph ~+~+ World War l ~ American Red Cross Nurse

American Civil War Memorial on the Cambridge Common outside of Harvard Square

War to Prevent Southern Independence era children- the father is absent because he was killed in battle at Cold Harbor by Lincoln's Army. The mother was murdered by Sherman's men. So sad. And all to enforce the Morrill tariff act against the south.

cdv pf young lady by Andrew & Carson, Hillsdale, MI, ca. 1861-1865

black sad his name is unknown. Confederate cemetery. Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Civil War Widow, Albumen Carte de Visite, 1866-1865 On the reverse is an orange 2-cent tax stamp. No photographer's mark

c. 1861 Quarter Plate Tintype. Possibly children of a Civil War soldier, picture taken to send to him.