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Wrist Cell Phone Holder

Ikeas New Furniture Will Charge Your Phone

Tan Buddha Meditation Cushion

JUST what I need! I HATE grocery shopping. Door to Door Organics delivers local, organic food right to your front door. Added bonus,you can Shop By Recipe and there is no delivery charge. Yes, please!

Pop up ring box


Each time you slouch, the posture monitoring device vibrates to remind you to stand tall, strong, and healthy.

Sectioned fry pan // Two separate halves allows you to cook two dishes at once. I need this clever divided skillet! Brilliant! #product_design

The Hand Reflexology Massager - It compresses trigger points on the palm and back of the hand to help relieve pain and discomfort in your hands.

THIS IS SO COOL, the camera ball has 36 cameras and you toss it in the air then when it reaches it's highest point it takes pictures all over. Every traveller should have one!

Never miss a dunk with these mugs!

Leather Wallet for iPhone 5/5S

5 iPhone Cases You Can Draw On

The world's smallest phone charger that you can hang it on your phone or your keychain.

Finger food meet finger forks. A new way for your guests to enjoy the appetizers.

Frozen Smiles = Denture Ice Cubes

Battery powered Desktop Air conditioner

This self-heating baby bottle warms milk to the recommended feeding temperature in about four minutes with no electricity or cords.

Signature bikes!

Laser Projection Keyboard

"Bathing Girl" tea set by Esther Horchner, £39.95

Bullet earbuds

Ripple effect tea table (2010) by Jeonghwa Seo

Awesome steampunk keyboard ♥

omg. a robot tea infuser!? love it!