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Unique hide away bed

Gorgeous! I have always wanted a different kind of doorways throughout my house! This is beautiful! Unique


light up tub. Who wouldn't want this?!

Hide-away swimming pool...

Nice Hide away spot..

the Liftbed hides in your ceiling when not in use...


Epic hiding spots. I want a hidden room. In my future home I want two person bedrooms so I can hide one of them. :p

pod bed..... that would be cool for a teen. OMG! omg omg! omg i NEEEED this bed!!


Cool Bunk Beds for Girls | China Invents Floating Bed: Kids Love It, Parents May Fear It - forget ...

These $ 99 inflatable bumper boats have a tiny safe quiet motor underneath and an easy to use steering wheel. They can hold up to 200 lbs, fold up compactly and run on 6 D batteries. How much fun do these look like they’d be?! Definitely a must have for your backyard pool or lake trip this summer! Your own backyard with your own bumper cars for the pool with Excalibur Motorized Bumper Boats!

Bed in a closet.

creative bed design ideas and unique furniture for bedroom decorating

glass front tub, can't hide from murders in it though

22 Very Unique Staircases That Will Inspire You [ Wainscotingamerica.com ] #staircase #wainscoting #design

Luxury home items...I don't need all of these, but the window nook and outdoor shower are really great.

Nifty bunk bed and couch layout for a kids room

even if they don't swing, they look so comfortable and soothing. really want a hanging bed someday

Round Bed, Hanging Daybed, Indoor Hammock Bed | The Floating Bed Co