Are you doing the 52 Week Saving Challenge? It's week 6, add $6 to your savings jar. You should have 21 dollars saved to date.

Save $9,000 in a year by using these quick, easy tips and tricks

52 Week Saving Challenge

Phone Apps That Will Save You Money - Coupons Are Great

52 Week Saving Challenge | Save for Emergency Fund, Holidays, and More! The week number = the amount you put in your savings for the week!

Saving Dollar COINS - Great Idea to save with Kids. The Weekly Money Challenge [easy money saving]

Saving money

Good idea for saving!

Money saving tips

52 week saving plan to save for a house or whatever you would like to spend $5000.00 on.

52 Week Money Saving Challenge Could do backwards and add less money each week instead of more

Want to learn how to save money on groceries? Follow these simple tips and see just how much money you could save! Saving Money #SaveMoney Saving Money Ideas

52 Week Vacation Savings Challenge copy

Have children and students of all ages learn the value of saving money by using coupons. This binder system could save your family hundreds of dollars. Included are activities kids can do to help their families out. Lifelong lessons can be learned as kids learn the power of coupons and saving money. Happy Saving! #coupons #TPT #savemoney

94 Creative Ways to Save Money #savings #money #wellness

Tips for saving money on meat.

I'm taking Household Management 101's 52 Week Money Saving Challenge, which is a plan to save $1,404 painlessly over the course of a year. Includes a free printable!

Easy Tips to Save BIG on Electricity Costs! ~ at - you'll love these simple tricks and ideas for saving money all around the house! Each month will really add up! #thefrugalgirls

Saving Money Tips - The Beginner's Guide to Saving Money