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Smooth-skinned, Hardy Kiwis now Climb the Eastern Front Porch Post

Cold Hardy (to Zone 3) Table Grapes

North Star Cherry - delicious cherries from a cold hardy tree (self pollinator)

Cavendish Banana Tree Grow Delicious Bananas Indoors or Out! Read all 6 Reviews Height After Pruning: 1 Gallon In Stock $44.95 6 at $42.70 ea. 24 at $40.46 ea

Musa Basjoo a cold hardy banana (with mulching) up to -20 C.

Orpingtons are big, friendly dual-purpose birds originally developed in the UK, and for many small farms Orpingtons are the only way to go! They're friendly and cold-hardy due to their fluffy plumage. The Buff Orpington is the most popular and all varieties, especially the black and blue, are rare.

Blue honeysuckle! Cold-hardy plant with edible berries that apparently taste like a mix between blueberries and raspberries. Want.

Hedemora hen - Imagine walking through the winter landscape on the outskirts of a small farming village in Sweden, your breath forming clouds and your footfalls muffled by the hard-falling snow. Ahead is a small farmstead with smoke rising from the chimney of a modest house. ,,unbelievably there appears before you a flock of brightly colored chickens walking in the snow, Welcome to the town of Hedemora, Sweden. Welcome to the world of the snow chicken.

LowLife Couture: cute coops

Wish I knew what these are!