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First Person Walk Cycle v1

A second version of the walk cycle we are creating. Need to add now more elements to compose the scene but the whole motion is there! :D [UPDATE] Check the full animation and the Case Study of thi.

The Bboy No One. Design + Animation


Dante Hunter /// Bboy animation (by Maximin Spotti) - it can be used for Android BootAnimation.

The Travel Channel approached us looking for a series of interstitials on the do's and definitely do nots of travelling the world.

Hot Chick Walk Cycle Animated GIF by Fraser Davidson for Sweet Crude

Hot Chick Walk Cycle Animated GIF

nevver: Doomsayers

nevver: Doomsayers

nevver: Doomsayers is an animated shortfilm based on skateboarder Omar Salazar’s world, directed by Golden Wolf, for Doom Sayers Club


Dancing Buddy

Even though I don't look like this, the dance moves are pretty accurate, check out the 14 sec loop.

Frame of an short animation

Frame of an short animation