Greek urban artist Alexandros Vasmoulakis at work (Athens, Greece) #athens #greece #alexandrosvasmoulakis #streetart #urbanart

Let's straighten it out The gritty world Greek artist Alexandros Vasmoulakis creates is full of ironic-metaphoric language.

Artist unknown :   Athènes

Birthday gift graffiti, Kiev Athens graffiti really cool Street Art Graffiti Art Street Art / Graffiti .

Street art can darken or illuminate the mood of an ally, and of the people who walk by it.

street art work by Ernest Zacharevic (aka ZACH), Lithuanian-born Malaysian resident street artist

Claire Street Art is a Fench artist who paints kissing couples in the narrow street of Paris or other big cities. Her work is simply romantic and very unique.

French artist Claire Streetart ’s wall collages depicting couples kissing in sexy and often provocative positions are sweeping the streets o.

Street-wall graphic art - L'arte grafica sui muri. Street art come forma d’arte e di comunicazione visiva. #streetart #murales

Alice Pasquini is an artist multimedia based in Roma : painting, illustration, installations and animation are her main tools to create her poetical and hopeful artworks. Her main subject is feminity, with a stress put on strong and independant woman.

Best of Street art : lick - #ShortyAwards #pinterest

The last of the favorites found online celebrating this year's National Ice Cream Month here in the USA. If you've missed the previous posts, revisit them now and have fun sharing. Ice Cream Graffiti More Ice Cream Graffiti

grafitti by female artist Swoon. This is part of an article about 10 women graffiti artists.

Our 10 Favorite Female Graffiti Writers

by female artist Swoon. This list explores 10 amazing female artists rocking part of the art world usually dominated by men.