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11 Ways to Use & Display Vintage Metals

Have you inherited some vintage silver, brass or copper pieces and have no idea what to do with them or how to display them in your more modern space? If you have some sentimental pieces sitting in a box collecting dust, here's how to incorporate them into your everyday decor. You'll look at those old silver creamers at the thrift shop in a whole new light.

Play Up Natural Finds, Like Stones and Seashells, in a Kooky Fishbowl Hunting down a gorgeous antique aquarium could take some time (try eBay, flea markets, and vintage shops), but any glass vessel with a flat side brings crisp clarity to gnarly organic items. Fill the vessel less than halfway (much of the beauty is in the negative space), and arrange the biggest pieces on top. Blow away dust occasionally with a hair dryer set on cool. If you have a constant influx of rocks or shells, stash…

Wabi-sabi: private; intuitive; relative; idiosyncratic; variable; cyclical; harmony with nature; nature; adaptation to nature; organic; curved; natural; crude, rough, tactile; degradability; expansion of senses; ambiguity; naturalness; non-materiality; seasonal; dark, dim; warm