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I would SOOOOO drive that. This is officially the only way smart cars should ever be painted. How do I make this a law? (Srsly, it'd be great for the environment, as all the big kids having panic attacks about growing up would rush to feel childlike again!)

I just like this - inappropriate, but too dang funny! I can think of a few people on this list.

I'm sorry followers, I have secretly been a skeleton this whole time. I apologize for misleading you.

This is amazing. I cannot stomach the thought of anybody harming children. It's the lowest, most dishonorable, sick thing to do. For these bikers to be there for the kids whenever they are needed is amazing. Wish more people were like this.

Hahahaha this makes me want to carry chalk with me everywhere. I want to do this!

They see me rollin'. They hatin'

Omg this is definitely me lol

whaaaaaaaaat?! I really can't believe it. I love Chris Crocker! :)

This should not be as funny as I'm finding it.

They see me rollin’, they hatin’…

Just a reminder to all the people getting excited about this "warm" weather. Northerners should know better.

This pug is so excited for Christmas that he's prancing tehehe