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pinof | Tumblr "Time for some banter with Dan my mate, with whiskers on our faces it’s PHIL IS NOT ON FIRE 8! I thought I was ready for PINOF 8, but I was wrong. Thanks for another year, @danisnotonfire and@amazingphil!" by doodleswithangie on tumblr

Phil is not on fire 8: Phil's emoticons

"And what a thick channel it was" -Phil Lester IM IN LOVE WITH THIS PART

only true phans will understand<<<<or, you know, anyone who watched phil is not on fire 8- so basically everyone

Phil is not on fire 8: "Phil drop your diss track"

“Get on like a house on fire” means “to have a very good relationship with someone”. Examples: The boss was happy that the new employees and the old employees were getting on like a house on fire.

I didn't read this as hotel for some reason. I read it as "hot el" wtf