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    • (The Gum Guy)

      People say true friends must always hold hands, but true friends don't need to hold hands because they know the other hand will always be unknown. One of my favourite poems with a photo of such beautiful hands.

    • Rita Henry

      Hands of a thousand stories! Photo by Ludmila Yilmaz. ~the grace and beauty and wisdom of life long lived..

    • Mina Choe

      Beautiful Hands. Beautiful Life. Beautiful Stories. Why is it that I can remember exactly what all my grandparent's hands look like even though they are all gone now? Such a special picture

    • Alyssa Barrett Conley

      Beautiful Hands. Beautiful Life. Beautiful Stories. Such a special picture

    • Mey

      La vejez. #photography #photo #fotografía #foto #white #black

    • Emily White

      Beautiful Hands. Beautiful Life. Beautiful Stories. ART.

    • Nelda

      Beautiful hands showing a life of experience.

    • Susan

      Old hands -- black & white photo

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    They say a human and a pixie could never form a friendship, don't even think about love. It's not our fault were tiny and humans are so big. "Slow down, fairy girl! I can't just flit from tree to tree like some people!" He calls. I land on his head and laugh. "Fine. I'll lead you from here!" I say and giggle. "Aww cmon!! Now I can't see you at all!!" He says and laughs. (Open rp. I'm the fairy. Need someone to be him please.)

    My Father and My Son, 1969 by Raghu Rai.

    Forever Love Amazing mysterious composition of lost and found ambiguous shapes, lines, values and textures.

    Hands at work


    Photo by István Kerekes

    Hand, aged, wrinckles, oldie, a hand that have lived to tell stories, beautiful, photo b/w.


    In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art. • Rumi

    There is raw beauty in aging. Every experience, pain, joy, and heartache are etched in lines -- like the rings in a tree trunk. A season & time says The Lord.

    He held the fate of the tiny little man in his fist, curled around him as pondered what to do with him.


    5 Generations...

    »The love you offer yourself and others is like the one color in the spectrum of all colors that no other heart contains, it’s like a frequency of notes in a melody that only your heart can manufacture. So we all came here to unleash our love & our hearts to let out the colors & melodies that no other heart can offer.« Matt Kahn from the video "The Divine Plan"

    ♥ Growing Old Together

    Interesting title for this photo. I saw it as reaching out to help instead of being..."Trapped" - Drew Hopper

    beautiful hands


    Face with a story