Costume designed by Patrice Chauchetier for Catherine Sauval in...Leo Burckart, 1819

Costume designed by Patrice Chauchetier for Catherine Sauval in... (Fripperies and Fobs)

Costume designed by Patrice Chauchetier for Catherine Sauval in the 1996 production of Gerard de Nerval’s Leo Burckart. From the Centre National du Costume de Scene.

materinity_gown_luise C. 1800  Deutsches Historisches Museum GOS-Nr. TEX00169   Inventarnr. KTe 90/784

Oh what big teeth you have, Louise of Prussia! Dental Set, 1810.

Maternity gown, circa worn by Duchess Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, wife of Frederick William III, King of Prussia, during one of her many pregnancies. - I'd wear this as a maternity gown.

Imperial Russian court dress c. 1884

Court dress, From the National Historical Museum. I would so wear this to a costume ball. if only I ever had a costume ball to go to.

Sooooo elegant

Belle Époque Summer Gown - - Cream silk chiffon w/ pale printed & flocked rose blossom clusters in soft colors - Brooklyn Museum - Augusta Auctions

Ca. 1795 dress, England / Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire would have wore a dress like this. Dress, ca 1795 England, LACMA

1910's Fashion

Dinner dress House of Drécoll The classic pannier draping and long pointed train of this dress indicates the highest style of the period. Beautiful in shape and style, the piece is an elegant.

Stunning embroidered 1850 gown.

Wedding Dress, Closer Detail: silk embroidered with metallic embroidery. Looks to have been inspired by Queen Victoria's wedding dress. thought you would be interested in seing this dress k Kate

Afternoon Dress, Charles Frederick Worth (French, born England), Bourne 1825–1895 Paris) for the House of Worth (French, 1858–1956): ca. 1875, French, silk, trim.

Afternoon dress Design House: House of Worth (French, Designer: Charles Frederick Worth (French (born England), Bourne Paris) Date: ca. 1875 Culture: French Medium: silk Dimensions: Length at CB (a): 28 in. cm) Length at CB (b): 61 in.

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Dress, Evening Jeanne Hallée (French, Date: Culture: French Medium: silk, metallic, glass. Mimic overlay and belt for cabaret gown.