Germany and Italy from Hetalia

Italy, Hetalia

Germany and Italy, Hetalia, Italy x Germany dreaming

Hetalia Germany & Italy ^.^

Im the same way Germany

Hetalia, Germany

Germany x Italy (GerIta Hetalia)

Hetalia - Germany X N. Italy

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Hetalia, o.o Germany @Patricia Smith Smith Spaziano Minnow look at dat germanyyyy

Basically Germany and Italy's relationship in a gif XD

Awww~ gerita (+ Prussia)

germany and italy

Hetalia- Germany and Italy THIS IS SO CUTE I CAN'T EVEN

neko GerIta~! Kyaaaa so cute XD


Omg did I not pin this before? *gasp* I DIDN'T!? WHAT!? HOW COULD I!? *slaps self* Bad, bad person, this is way too adorable and happy how could you not have pinned this the first time you saw it

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APH » GerIta {}... Wait... no... those clothes... they're Holy Roman's.... and Germany is wearing them... while Italy realizes.. *sobs at the emo corner while eating her feelings*