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30 Fun iPhone Wallpaper Ideas From Pinterest

This is how this is going to work, you may add who you want. But first you must post a picture of who you are. You can change the name or keep it. You may have up to 4 people. If the person is already taken you must change your person. I will give an example as the next pin. Your person can be a celebrity, viner, or just a picture you found on here. Doesn't matter to me;) Comment any questions

Parallel Wallpaper

Parallel Wallpaper: The contrast between the sharp angles and soft pastel colors in Rumiko Matsumoto's design Parallel Worlds makes for such an interesting pattern.#iphonebackground #ios7

Anchor iPhone wallpaper or print out for baby girl's nursery.(OMG JUST HAD AN EPIPHANY: MY BABIES ROOM THEME WILL BE NAUTICAL ITS IS DECIDED NOW)