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In their past life, these light covers (discovered at a salvage yard) were as utilitarian as they come. To turn them into lanterns, all you need is pretty vellum and a few tea lights!

Upcycled Vintage Colander and Grater Pendant Light

I am interested in using different products that are not supposed to be used for a particular activity and have been re-imagined. for example this cheese grater is not used for a lamp shade. But as you can see it has been altered so that it can

Perfect for butler's pantry or play room - note use of yard sticks to hold paper down; note heavy duty curtain rod to hold newsprint or butcher paper (shown is a roll of brown paper); the unit is hung on a wood or composite slab that is smooth on one side for easy writing. Believe I'll use a piece if 1/4' plywood or a piece of what was a counter top - wood & laminate.