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An Australian invention to reduce marine pollution is set to go global after becoming a viral sensation, attracting more than 120 million views online. Seabin founders Pete Ceglinski and Andrew Turton

Lake George on the outskirts of Canberra was once so full it lapped against the highway, but lately the lake has dried up. It is doubtful that the lake would ever properly fill again, due to changes in the climate, he remained open to the idea.

Authorities give fresh warnings about the threat of rubbish to wildlife after a baby dolphin is spotted twice near Cairns with debris wrapped around its neck.

A unique Australian invention aimed at reducing marine pollution is set to be made available in up to 17 countries next year, with a prototype undergoing final trials in Europe.

The future of a key Antarctic climate change research project appears to have been thrown into further doubt, according to emails obtained by the ABC.

Small organisms are struggling to survive as the ocean becomes more acidic, researchers say, including tiny sea snails whose shells are dissolving.

#OnThisDay in 1894 – Australian inventor Lawrence Hargrave demonstrates that it is possible for man to fly. NAA: A1200, L69328