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    WARNING! Purchasing 'Edible Arrangements' Holiday Gift Baskets Funds Hamas

    After you see what Edible Arrangments did for Hamas, you’ll never buy from them AGAIN

    New York Mayoral Candidates Both Say Will Add Muslim Holy Days To Holiday Calendar - Now The End Begins "We have a growing Muslim community in the city of New York, and their religion needs to be respected as all other religions are respected. That’s why we have to respect Muslim faiths by providing the Eid school holidays for children in our school system." www.nowtheendbegi...

    Stars and Stripes

    After you see what Edible Arrangments did for Hamas, you’ll never buy from them AGAIN

    The Obama administration and the United States are funding the terrorist group Hamas to the tune of $500 million! Thanks for making this headline news Main Street Media...NOT! #hamas #terrorists

    NO CEASEFIRE: The terror group Hamas, apparently quite disgusted with the past 48 hours of no dead bodies, has officially stated today that the "war will resume immediately" after the 72-hour ceasefire expires. Apparently, they are only 'taking a break' to restock their supply of missile and human shield children. #Gaza #Hamas #IsraelUnderFire www.nowtheendbegi...

    John Kerry Pledges $47 Million To Help Hamas Rebuild Missile Supplies And Reopen Tunnels - Now The End Begins

    Muslim terrorist warning signs are the same in every country: They start to grow out a beard, they begin reading the Koran, they start wearing Arabic clothing, they kill in the name of Allah. If your neighbor does the first three things mentioned here, you can be positive the 4th one is on it's way. Any questions? www.nowtheendbegi...

    US Embassy Issues Terror Warnings For American Female Christians In Egypt

    Do you want to know what makes Ft. Hood shooter Nidal Hasan laugh? That after he killed those 13 soldiers and wounded 30 others in the name of Allah, the Obama administration prosecuted him on WORKPLACE VIOLENCE charges. Now he pledges full support for ISIS, and warns the Pope. #ThisIsIslam www.nowtheendbegi...

    WARNING: At every level in our American society, a huge battle - spearheaded by Barack Obama - to infuse Islamic culture and Sharia Law into our way of life is underway. Kids are the prime targets. Despite what you have been taught, the word “Allah” is not the Arabic word for God. The word “Allah” refers to the pagan Moon god of ancient Arabian culture. The battle rages for the soul of America, which side are YOU on? www.nowtheendbegi...

    I stand with the Truckers... Oct 11-13 I will not make any purchases. No money shall be spent....that is the least I can do. Now imagine if all Conservatives and Libertarians did the same... Time to let Washington DC know, 'WE THE PEOPLE' are as mad as hell and we ain't gonna buy in to it anymore!

    Silent Drill Team

    To those affected by the events of Sept. 11, 2001, and those who fought and died to protect our freedom since that day. You will never be forgotten. Semper Fidelis.

    U damn skippy!

    Someone should have told the funeral director to remove the suicide vest before holding the funeral….the last 30 seconds of this video will horrifically astound you. #Hamas #Gaza #Islam www.nowtheendbegi...

    When he said "I'll unite the people of this great country," it was only because "untie" was misspelled on his teleprompter!

    New Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Threatens Israel On First Day In Office - Now The End Begins

    Muslim Attacks On Arab Christians In Middle East Rising