Joining Techniques

different joining stitches in crochet!

Joining granny squares using a single crochet that ends up flat. Her videos are great, short, detailed, perfect.

12 Great Methods for Joining Crochet Afghan Squares and Blocks!

poncho granny square

A different way to join granny squares. Love joining techniques that involve actual crocheting vs. whip stitch. ;)

Emmy Makes Crochet: Simple, neat way to join afghan squares: Whit's Kn...

Mood Blanket WIP by the lovely Angie of Le monde de Sucrette ~ For each square "...a chain of 12. Followed by 5 rows of 12dc each. And a last round all around the square of 1sc-3ch-1sc (and in the 4 corners too). This last round is for joining the squares together." #crochet #afghan #throw #pillow

joining knitted pieces

Square by Square Granny Afghans

Continuous join-as-you-go - great tutorial!!

Joining techniques!

Crochet pillow

how-to for joining granny squares

Continuous Join-as-you-go

Textured "Blocks" ~ This blanket is worked in rows of SC, with the textured blocks done with FPDC. Pattern on Reddit crochet group discussion :: #crochet #afghan #throw Crochet tutorial: joining granny squares 16

Flat braid join how to.

pretty combination of squares!

Picture of Square by Square Granny Afghans

How to join grannies: Slip stitch join method. Another amazing tute. I learnt tons from these. Thanks so for share xox