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Biker Dog Waves at Fellow Biker - YouTube

Biker Dog Waves at Fellow Biker - YouTube

That’s cute!

Actually this isn't a shaved guinea pig, it's a type of guinea pig called a 'Skinny pig' They're born with a full amount of hair and then start losing it from the head down

I’ll get her some leaves…

I’ll get her some leaves…

I'll get that bitch some leaves. England this has Thunder written all over it!

#Fluffy #Shih tzu #Humor

This is Fluffy. Isn't he cute? This isn't my picture, it belongs to cool people, one of which is my friend. Fluffy, Destroyer of Worlds


Goldie in Tree I found this hollow tree in Brown County State Park back in 1992 and have photographed several of my shelties in it since then.

Gryffindor with his Toucan, he bought this home one day. No clue where it came from!  Submitted by Julia

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