Best show ever!!

Slapsgiving. love this episode

How I Met Your Mother quote. Love it! ❤️ #himym #howimetyourmother

"Kids, you can't cling to the past, because no matter how tightly you hold on, it's already gone." - Ted Mosby, How I Met your Mother #TV #quotes

HIMYM – How I Met Your Mother - Slap Bet

How I met your mother.

Funny quote about life

There are some friends you will want to keep for the rest of your life. | Community Post: 20 Life Lessons From "How I Met Your Mother"

How I Met Your Mother. I feel this is weirdly appropriate for me.

True. There are friends I can not see for days, months, or years and we pick up right where we left off.

You're so not worth my time!! You never were, and sadly I was the better person and tried to ignore your faults, when in reality, you were only trying to poison me. Enjoy your life! I wish you all the best! Keep my name out of your mouth!

oh pooh, so wise.

How I met your mother

How I Met Your Mother- Be my Marshall to my Lily ♥

Smart man.

Let someone love you just the way you are life quotes quotes quote life life lessons flaws

funny quote i've found the key to happiness stay the hell away from assholes

Things always work out in the end. | 23 Life Lessons We Learned From "Grey's Anatomy"

Things like this are why I love Marshall + Lily