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    We recently noticed that our herb lady at the farmers' market has been selling rue. Our only familiarity with the plant was from lines in Shakespeare (Ophelia used it in her garland), so we asked for recommendations on what to do with it. She told us that rue has traditionally been used in folk reme...

    Rue -- herb fruit flies hate, tuck around produce. Also repels rabbits & deer away from the garden.



    • Kimberly

      Repel Fruit Flies with Rue - simply place it in the kitchen near your fruit. Although flies hate the strong aroma of rue, it's fortunately rather pleasant to humans!

    • Samantha Tanchak

      Rue -- herb fruit flies hate, tuck around produce. Also repels rabbits & deer away from the garden.

    • Mindy Kane

      Tips: Repel Fruit Flies with Rue - an issue where I work wish I could find this fast.

    • Katherine Turff

      Repel fruit flies with a pretty vase full of Rue

    • Nichole

      Gotta try this ... Rue to repel Fruit Flies

    • Carol Burke Tracewell

      Repel fruit flies with the herb rue

    • Rachael Dixon

      Tips: Repel Fruit Flies with Rue

    • Steve R

      Natural fruit fly repellent.

    • Sara Thompson

      Rue repels fruit flies.

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