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Another recycling DIY - Leaves made from used plastic bottles. This gives SUCH an amazing effect. I think you have to score them for the leaf veins or something. Why not do different shapes...

Pequeño jardín de hierbas reciclando botellas de plástico / for

You could screw tacky plastic bottle caps to your wall to hold your toothbrushes, exposing them to toilet spray bacteria and taking up more space than if you tossed them into a drawer with a $.99 brush cover. But WHY?

Cómo realizar una caja de regalo o bombonera reciclando la base de una botella de plástico

Bottle caps lamp materiales chapas de botella y garrafa de agua

✕ Paper flowers, from esty shop FrancesandFrancis

557- flores color agua; by Alia_ (16) Discos de plástico incoloro & ganchos de Gold Filled.