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#EuCurti | Marimoon

Eating road signs, grave headstones and iron railings these hungry trees will stop at nothing to slowly swallow their prey.

These Trees Eat Things. Seriously.

These Trees Eat Things. Seriously.


We’ve all been there: the victim of a tree who doesn’t much fancy being cooped up by oppressive fencing standards. “Oh, you didn’t want me blocking your vegie patch from the sun?” “Oh, you thought.

The Hungry Tree by ratravarman.deviantart.com on @deviantART

This tree, likely planted nearly two centuries ago, has grown to consume the iron gatework of this family plot at Shockhoe Hill Cemetery [link] The Hungry Tree


These Trees Eat Things. Seriously.

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Newgrange Tree with Face

Newgrange Tree with Face - Clearly the leader of this year's Entmoot