I love the details on Bella's dress here. It's like a modern fairytale dress and it's beautiful!

Belle modern dress by punziella - caitthetravelingprincess commissioned me to draw pretty dresses on pretty princesses

Dreamworks, Disney Pixar, Beast

Once and Future Things

quinnasaurus-creations:Little Cinderella doodle (reposting mainly for the creators name but the drawing is also very beautiful!

Cinderella by snoprincess on DeviantArt

I saw the new Cinderella film a while back and loved it~ I'd been meaning to draw some fanart and finally got around to it! This dress is gorgeous and I just couldn't do it justice haha Art .

Jarida - Cinderella AU I don't ship it but this is just so cute

Jarida - I like this more then Jelsa! To be honest, I hated the idea of Jack + Elsa. I now officially ship Jarida.

Disney Movies in Order of Historical Setting (Linha do tempo dos desenhos animados da Disney)

Funny pictures about Disney Movies Chronology. Oh, and cool pics about Disney Movies Chronology. Also, Disney Movies Chronology photos.

Belle and Adam by SilverCatseyes.deviantart.com on @deviantART - From "Beauty and the Beast"

I love books and cute guys too Belle heh. Belle and Adam by SilverCatseyes on deviantART

6 Weapon-Wielding Warrior Disney Princesses  1. Princess Jasmine 2. Mulan 3. Snow White 4. Belle 5. Rapunzel 6. Ariel

6 Weapon-Wielding Warrior Disney Princesses Princess Jasmine Mulan Snow White Belle Rapunzel Ariel<<< I love this art style!

I don't know why Milan wouldn't have a sword, considering she was actually a soldier...

Warrior Princesses

I don't know why Mulan wouldn't have a sword, considering she was actually a soldier. Rapunzel would have something similar to her frying pan. These weapons are kinda terrible