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On my bucket list: Walk into my bedroom and see this (or anything in the same realm as this, frankly)

Tats and guages I've seriously posted him (Stephen James) like a billion times

Zeer spannend kruis ;-)

stuart+reardon | Stuart Reardon | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Gods Hot Sexy Men!! Sexy men eye candy. #sexy #handsome #men bare. cute dude!! love


Not the sexiest underwear in the world, but he pulls them off nicely.

Didier Cohen | Shirtless Pics | Aussie Actor | Model | Celebrity Apprentice | Bio | OH MY

WOW!! I think I may follow rugby! Stuart Reardon.....I've said it before Stuart is fantastic and his body is not to shabby either :) !!

This chap is called Charles Michael David (three first names – argh!) but he is forgiven because HIS FACE. It’s like symmetry did a swandive off the 10m diving board and fell gracefully onto the space above his neck. Jesus, man:

I didn't recognize him at first. Misha Collins, all rugged and badass looking. He looks a bit Russian, doesn't he?

Why wasn't he waiting at my wash-n-go?! I'd taking my cloths off so he wouldn't feel alone! Lol

David Gandy

This is a great Christmas Card, I feel some people would really appreciate the humor, others would not.

I don't how to feel about this. But that is one beautiful dude.

Ryan Gosling.

A Man Thing *Hunk Edition*