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CHOCOLATE CHIP + HEMP PROTEIN BARS Hey, hunnies. How are you doing? I am feelin myself lately, tbh. A couple days ago I had a kinda blue mental health day but since then I have woken up in the best mood and simply EXCITED about bein alive! This is big for me because my regular mindset is to overanalyze everything and worry about if I said something problematic or if everyone realized overnight that I'm an asshole or have a panic attack over the reality that I and everybody I know wi..

from Ioadicaeu's Blog

I no longer have patience

Not force myself to be somewhere or with someone. The feeling of belonging and love is what I wanted most.

It’s been a long time since I’ve dated. A lifetime almost. It takes courage to open up to people, especially for a lonely goat like myself. But I did it. I reluctantly began the process, putting my...