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I Hear You, Girl! Red Pill, The Red Pill Society, Manosphere

Isn't it odd how "strong and independent" just doesn't seem to count for much when something is on fire? RED PILL SOCIETY

The Red Pill! Like Viagra For Your Wife! Red Pill Society #manosphere

MGTOW! If you're a young man these days, you're crazy to even consider marriage. Or a career. Go start a surf shop.

Red Pill Bride Wanted #theredpillsociety #redpill #manosphere

Alpha or Beta? Red Pill or Blue Pill?

What MEN SECRETLY want but won' tell you.. CLICK TO FIND OUT. Discover how to please any man you meet

I suppose it really just depends on your perspective . . . and your keychain. RED PILL SOCIETY

I'm a TOTAL girlie girl...I LOVE being a girl ;)