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Explore Northern Australia, Isolated, and more!

Hans was riding in northern Australia on an isolated road in the middle of nowhere, so of course there will be other motorcycles.

Motorcycle Adventure. Hans loved riding his GSA for the thrill and adventure, but he was determined that he was never going to ride one of those things.

Hans enjoyed the lonely mountain roads and the stark contrasts of the remote deserts trails. But this kind of riding was fun too.

Hans couldn't really claim to be off roading, not strictly speaking. But on the other hand, it really wasn't much of a road either. More of an inconspicuous trail, you might say.

The BMW R1200GSA. Although the weather forecast had predicted warm and sunny riding conditions, Hans was an experienced rider and always packed a little extra, just in case.

Hans was tempted to take the left turn and possibly avoid the storm on the horizon, but the sign on the road ahead said "narrow, winding, road", and that was just too much to pass up.

Hans was struck by the rugged and awesome beauty of the landscape and stopped to reflect on the philosophical and analogical similarities of riding these ancient trails and the meaning of life. And also, how he was going to turn his bike around so close to the precipice.