How Many Of These Dog Names Can You Guess

How Many Of These Dog Names Can You Guess?

bernese mountain dog-love, love, LOVE these dogs! They are the cutest puppies and the most beautiful monsters when they're older! Just look at that happy puppy face!

bernese mountain dog. I'm sorry I keep posting puppy pictures. But they are so cute, and if we're only getting one, I can at least do some research...

The bernese would be number one top dog breeds 😢 miss my puppy. Love all Dog Breeds: 5 of the top family dog breeds

Quiero un Bernés! Los amo amo amo!

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy by Nicole Begley Photography - Welcome to Puppy Week!

I Love the beach! #BerneseMountainDog

I Love the beach! #BerneseMountainDog

I'm loving how many pictures of bernese mountain dogs are getting pinned! this will be my very first purchase after I graduate. look at how lovable she is! I just wanna squeeze

A completely adorable Bernese Mountain Dog puppy shows us that (future) big dogs can be really cute too in this photo series!

We got a puppy today! He doesn't have a name yet. - Imgur

We got a puppy today! He doesn't have a name yet.

Look at those beautiful paws! One day, I shall have a Bernese Mountain Dog, for now, I will patiently wait :)

We knew we were getting Resli when she was just four days old and now she is two months old and a bundle of fur! Her name is Swiss, just like her, and means summer or harvest. She is a laid-back pup, but when she plays with her kitty sister Bazinga or her local puppy friends it's intense! #BerneseMountainDog

Dogs and Puppies - Want Advice On Dogs? This Is For You -- Click image for more details.

Berners - dog breeds I want to have at some point during my lifetime (once I live somewhere colder). Also the first dog I learned how to take care of was a berner, so I'm affectionate to the breed.

See more Bernese Mountain Dog puppy.

Bernese Mountain Puppy I want it. I want it for my very own. To cuddle and love and be forever friends with. I picture this guy as your big baby!