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Kate Loveday submitted Inheritance designed by Danielle Maait. JF: Does it get better? I think not. Deceptively simple and direct, yet there are layers of story and implication. And I love the type choices, too. ★

Nowhere to Hide (Delos Series Book 1) designed by Tammy Seidick | JF: A strong cover that knows what appeals to readers, with great type choices and clever details that add to the overall effect. The man is attractive without taking his shirt off, and it looks an exciting story. ★

Shallow Waters designed by | JF: Expertly done, with beautiful texture and impressive type styling. Pulls you right into the story. ★

Paul Allen submitted Asking For It designed by Jeroen ten Berge. JF: Beautiful and concise, by a former winner here. Effortlessly lets us know there will be stories within stories, and a lot more. ★

The Breaker Boys designed by Renee Barratt. JF: Although I don’t think you need all those effects on the type, this is story telling at its best, and its immediacy draws us right in. ★

Cindy Roland Anderson submitted Discovering Sophie designed by Harbertson Design. JF: I love the way this cover connects so well to its target audience, and gives us a lot of information along the way. And the designer knows exactly how to focus us on the telling detail. ★

James Willis submitted The Psychotropic Cinema designed by Spiffing Covers. | JF: And a surreal but believable cover that really stands out with a cool use of “cut” type. ★

BUONA LA PRIMA! An Exhibition of the Best Italian Book Design