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Canadian artist Michel de Broin makes creative and original installations in different European or American countries. Chairs or tables forming a block, a chimn

Patrick Martin, Untitled, cast glass, mixed media MAKES ME THINK OF THAT SAYING; PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN A HOUSE MADE OF GLASS

Zenegra Recovers Male’s Sexual Health Deterioration

Zenegra removes troublesome effect rendered by erectile dysfunction as it fixes the issues of low or ended cGMP performance and makes it installed, so that blood can be processed at good speed to get situated in penile parts.

Aiko Tezuka | Unweavable Object | Deconstructed warp thread, ready-made fabric | 185(h)x80(w)x80(d)cm (installation), 155×400cm (fabric), 2004

The way that Peter Fischli and David Weiss construct objects to create a new object or sculpture challenges the way that I view the true meaning of the initial object. By placing the shoes in this way they are no longer shoes to me, but become something else. This makes me wonder whether a shoe really has any purpose outside of the purpose that we have placed on it. Do all objects only exist the way we want them to because we believe that is the only way to use them? I find Fischli and Weiss…

The Dyslexie Font will ensure that you read easier and make fewer mistakes. The font can be installed quickly and easily.

Artist-owned gallery/frame shop offering custom picture framing, preservation, picture hanging & art installation.