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Xeeh keeb This took me all day but I’m really happy with the result: Barf and Belch from HTTYD Maya style. Click full view to check the details in the faces! Stormfly Toothless

Dean Deblois said that Hiccup’s outfit in Httyd 2 is like the Viking equivalent of biker leather. So I drew him wearing the actual equivalent of biker leather with his custom-made Night Fury motorcycle (the Toothless model). <--- This is now my most favorite HTTYD fanart pin EVER!!! XD

Hiccup is Sleeping Beauty and Astrid is the prince?! What just happened?! It should be the other way around!<<< what the hell


Hiccup with Astrid Magnet

- Officially Licensed - Approximately inches tall x inches wide - Great for How To Train Your Dragon fans! - Made in China