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Photo: Little Brown, a Jersey cow, nurses two newborn lambs in New Zealand

Almanac Wooden Sign - Ode to a Cow

Ode to a Cow. A lot of our business is Ode to beef and dairy cattle and the hardworking farms that own them.

So Cute!! Love feeding them bottles, but its never fun when they get frisky and decide to kick your knee in:-) Although the utter cuteness makes up for it!!

their only desire in the whole world is to be with their precious mothers. nothing more nothing less..... Cute!!

I am born of a mother who loves me, I feel loss, I feel pain, hunger, fear, sadness, I am innocent I am helpless........ I am NOT veal :-( please don't harm me.

This cow is the pet for the Apollo cabin. Thanks to some help from the Hecate cabin (we love you guys) it stays this size forever. But we need a name for this cutie. So comment options below.<---- GUYS HIS NAME LUCIFER