Portrait of a homeless man ~ Look at the depth of emotion in his eyes....

Portrait Photography Inspiration Picture Description Portrait of a homeless man ~ Look at the depth of emotion in his eyes.

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beauty lies beneath the years - a face can fill a book people and white portrait photography photography people

Schwarz-Weiß Portraitfotografie von Obdachlosen

Schwarz-Weiß Portraitfotografie von Obdachlosen

Black and White Portraits of Homeless People by Manchester-based, safe-taught photographer Lee Jeffries.

Les plus grands photographes de portraits nous livrent des regards émouvants et bouleversants sur l'humanité.

Les 10 plus grands photographes de portraits

Green Eyed Boy from Brazil by David_Lazar. Taken in Sao Paulo, a boy with face paint poses among some leaves for a portrait to feature his bright green eyes


Algeria-Taureg People called Africa’s Blue People of the Desert, young girl with traditional tattoos

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Sharbat Gula better known as 'Afghan Girl', became famous when her photo (taken by journalist Steve McCurry) appeared on the cover of National Geographic Magazine. She has beautiful eyes.

Ausdrucksstarke Portraits in schwarz/weiß

This post showcase stunning black and white portraits of homeless people taken by Lee Jeffries. He started taking homeless people photos when he met a young

the story in his eyes and face tells it's own story. Wild or Sad by Aidan Photograffeuse on

such beautiful eyes hold such sadness

Such beautiful eyes hold such sadness.Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a…

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