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Wagon Wheel for Christmas Gathering - Hmmmm....must ask Mom if she still has an old wagon wheel - this would be a perfect idea to use it for

Unless you have a crafty husband or just happen to have a wheel around, this can be expensive. I purchased my wheels from Harbor Freight on sale. Normal price for one of these wheels at HF is around 30.00 dollars. Still it is so cute. It is worth it.

now to find a wagon wheel... my word!! Love it! I had one Cyndi Little until the dumb tree trimmers we hired dropped a huge branch on it and totally demolished it! :(

Turn antique wagon wheel into a holiday wreath!

Great idea! Wagon wheel wreath.

My grandparents had one of these attached to a tree in their front yard. I spent many hours sitting on it and watching the cars go by.

Wagon wheel decorated for Christmas...

If I had acreage this would be in my yard!

Wagon wheel mixed in with pretty!