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Asian Brunch Plate...Glass Noodles marinated in Sweet Lime & -Chilli-Masala Sauce...Coconut Sauce - Coconut Milk, Soy Sauce (use Miso if available), Coconut Vinegar & Lime...Radish Kimchee

Tofu Tower...Soy-Honey Marinated Tofu deep-fried in fresh Coconut Oil

We call them Rawreo's!


Pomegranate Zucchini Salsa

Raw Smoked Red Pepper Crackers

Rawreo with Vanilla Cashew Mylk

It all started with a mango smoothie...in the sun! -keeping it simple - alphonso mango, banana and ice!

Mango Sky!!! -mango, banana, cashew butter, coconut oil, ginger, lime -blend, freeze, blend again, serve... Truly sublime!

Tahin-Pomegranate Sauce

Wild Green & Mulberry Smoothie

Polenta Wood Sorrel

Glass Noodles, Alphonso Mango & Cashew, with Lemon Coconut Yogurt

Stacked Veggies with Marinated Tofu Burger & Basil Oil

Cultured Cashew Cheese with Fig & Red Rice

Veggie Rolls with Coconut 'Rice' and Sweet Papaya Salad

foodbyjo - Goa 2011

foodbyjo - Goa 2011

foodbyjo - Goa 2011

foodbyjo - Goa 2011

Green Gazpacho

Choc Dipped Strawberries