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    How to make "no crack" porcelain clay.

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    This is the best tutorial I have seen on how to make cold porcelain clay for sculpting, stamping, etc.. the video is approximately 2 1/2 mins long and will help show you how to mix your ingredients (corn starch, olive oil, glue, vinegar, and body lotion) to make a study clay - air dries with no no cracks!

    Cold Porcelain Clay Recipe - wont crack

    cornstarch/baking soda clay that dries like porcelain, beautiful white

    New Smoother Air Dry Clay Recipe~~~Recipe for the new Air-Dry Clay: 1/2 cup wet toilet paper; 1/2 cup Elmer’s glue (or any white PVA glue); 1/2 cup drywall joint compound (any brand except Dap); 1/2 cup corn starch; 3 tablespoons mineral oil (baby oil); 1 cup all-purpose white flour, or as needed;~~ mix extremely well, knead like bread, add cornstarch as needed to make a tight slightly tacky ball. Mixing instructions are in the video.

    All you need to know about Cold Porcelain Clay

    New Smoother Air-Dry Clay Recipe | Ultimate Paper Mache

    How to make cold porcelain clay -- air dry, translucent, very hard when dry

    How to Make Cold Porcelain | Come fare la porcellana fredda | #howtomake #comefarea #creatività

    DIY Air Dry Porcelain | Budget Savvy Diva So great for keep sake crafts! Mix together 3 cups white glue, 3 cups cornstarch, 1 tablespoon white vinegar, 2 tablespoons canola oil, and one tablespoon of glycerin. Cook everything in the microwave for 2-3 minutes stirring every 30 seconds until the last 30 seconds, then you’re going to want to stir every 10 seconds. Now make whatever your heart desires and enjoy!!

    How to make craft porcelain - oh, the cute things we can make! #spritequeen

    Color Plus SiO2 (1.1 lb) - Colored Air Dry Clay. Once dry, the clay achieves the strength, hardness and solidity of ceramics which have been fired. The infinite hues you can attain by mixing these brilliant clays are astounding. Children or hobbyists who prefer not to paint their artwork love this clay. This clay is non-toxic, and odorless. Kneading this clay is advisable to attain a more pliable and workable clay.

    A soft lightweight air dry clay. Modena Soft (150 gm.) air dry clay, soft, flexible and 50% lighter than Modena. Virtually unbreakable and waterproof after dried. The clay color is white like ceramic, and is like porcelain when finished with a Sealer or Super Gloss Varnish. The color never fades. It can be used to create colored clay by mixing acrylic and oil paints. Suitable for flowers, sweets & deco. It is non-toxic. Do not mix it with stone clays, oil clays, or wood formo.

    Polymer Clay

    Air Dry Clay recipe - super easy to make. After making it, I colored it using regular acrylic craft paint. Just added a couple of drops and kneaded it until color was smooth.

    Make your own diy stamped clay magnets using air dry clay.

    so simple and strong

    How to Sculpt Hands in Polymer Clay

    Carving Your Polymer Clay

    Video: how to work with gold & silver leaf. #Polymer #Clay #Tutorials

    Tutorials: How to Make a Poseable Hand. Thin but strong.