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I love owls, and these two love each other. <3

Who says birds don't feel? "I love you so much, just one little kiss?

Three Owl

Funny pictures about The look of my friends when I say I don't want to drink. Oh, and cool pics about The look of my friends when I say I don't want to drink. Also, The look of my friends when I say I don't want to drink.

I'm sorry did I stutter?!...didn't think so!

I'm sorry did I stutter?!

this is easily one of the most adorable things i've ever seen. there's no denying the cute head tilt!

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heavy petting ::: the most adorable thing I have seen all day

WATCH: Adorable Owl Loving Life

"Lovely Owl" - the most adorable owl video ever. :) I want the one that acts like a kitty.

A Tawney Frogmouth chick born at Seaworld Orlando

ZooBorns: cute exotic baby animals born at zoos around the world. Here's a tawny frogmouth chick - this was born at SeaWorld, Orlando


Most owls hunt at night… although nocturnal feeding is the norm for most owls, some species such as burrowing owls and short-eared owls feed during the day. Still other species, such as pygmy owls, feed at dusk or dawn.

Six-week-old orphaned burrowing OWLETS,  Linford & Christie check out the BOOKS on BIRDS. The owls were hatched at the Hawk Conservancy Trust in Andover, Hampshire, in February 2012. Hand-reared & given 24 hour care in the home of  Jimmy,  Longleat Safari Park employee in Wiltshire, ENGLAND.

Cups? We thought they were 'beak'-ers! Meet Linford and Christie, the orphaned baby owls having a hoot in their new home

Orphan baby owls find new home Hatched in an incubator, orphaned burrowing owls Linford and Christie currently reside in the home of Jimmy Robinson, a wildlife park keeper at Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire, England.

como é linda!

I have a weird thing for owls. They are majestic birds with wisdom in their eyes.

Two owls being photographed while kissing in Spain cute-animals

True fact: Owls mate for life, and can grieve themselves to death when their mate dies. That is true love! Image: owl couple preen each other