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Middle earth problems

Even the folks in Middle Earth have problems.

Frodo told you to go home when you two are almost in Mordor

Even the folks in Middle Earth have problems. Hey, I'm Emily, and this is MiddleEarthProblems.

Middle earth problem #9

Middle earth problem #9

Okay, y'all have no idea how funny this was for a goat owner who is ALWAYS dealing with parasite problems...I was rolling. Talk about turning a morbid subject into a funny scene!

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (gif) OMG they are now making Hobbit GIFs :) ahhhh

He had some serious character development.

Legolas character development (and eyeliner phase)

"The faces. The faces totally made it."

The faces. The faces totally made it.--This is the most beautiful thing <-- The faces! Hugo Weaving is incredible!

Middle earth problem #23

Who's really the baddest wizard in the land?

So true! I love the way they give voice to the songs J.R.R Tolkien wrote in his books.

there are no words to explain it.seriously gives me goosebumps! Best scene of the whole movie.

Got me too.

It's been several years since I watched LOTR, and I freakin' FORGOT to turn away/shut my eyes... Damn it, Bilbo! Got me again.

Do you recognize this screaming face? It's Bilbo Baggins from the Lord of the Rings movie. In The Fellowship of the Ring, when Bilbo sees the ring, he suddenly

Middle Earth Problems: When you stop the entire adventure just because you forgot your handkerchief

How bout "Normal Earth Problems? I made my dad go back on a car trip once because I left my earphones.

Aragorn and Eowyn

" Eowyn ~ Lord of the Rings

Love this, doubter! <3

True power of majesty xD

"You. Repel. Me." I wouldn't ever say it but I'm not gonna say that I would't be thinking it.

" I also say this to people who call Harry Potter "silly".

Seriously, though. What the crap, Thranduil?

I brought my whole army here just to tell you nope. You could have sent a letter, Thranduil

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The powers of Hobbit feet!