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Journalists from Dominions newspapers watch a flight of Hawker Hurricane Mark Is of No. 56 Squadron RAF taking off for a sortie over France from North Weald, Essex. In the foreground another Hurricane Mark I of the Squadron, P2764 'US-P', stands at its dispersal point near the perimeter track on the south-western edge of the airfield.

"One day a Spitfire landed on the airfield and taxied over to our hangar. We all rushed over to this thing and walked round it, stroked it, sat in it. I know I fell a bit in love with this aeroplane – it was beautiful. You weren’t just sitting in it, you were part of it. That was the beauty of the thing. If you wanted to turn, you thought about it – and you turned! It was a dream." - Wing Commander Bob Doe, DSO, DFC & Bar

October 1940 RAF ace pilot, South African Albert G. Lewis, standing on the wing of his plane after an engagement with enemy planes during the Battle of Britain. (William Vandivert)

Josephine Baker in the uniform of the Women's Auxiliary of the Free French Air Force. By the autumn of 1944 she had raised 3,143,000F for the French war effort and was awarded the honorary rank of sub-lieutenant in the Ladies Auxiliary of the Free French Air Force, Les Filles De L'Air. She gained her pilot license in 1933! Photographed at the Savoy Hotel, London April 1945 ~