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from Lot801 Marketing

How to Use Instagram Stories For Your Business

Click here to learn how to use Instagram Stories for business. A full step-by-step tutorial all about the new feature and how to create your own stories. This tutorial is perfect for all you biz owners, bloggers, entrepreneurs and small small owners. It's got the best tips. Plus you can get my ultimate guide giving you 32 Story ideas you can steal to become the "it" brand on Instagram.

from Blissful Bosses


How to turn your entrepreneurial idea into a successful online business in just 4 short weeks. DO you want to quit your full-time job and pursue your true passion from home? Here is a step by step guide to starting your own online business in 4 weeks. #smallbusinessowner #entrepreneur #blogging

from Studio Krystal

GUEST POST: 8 Copywriting Techniques for Social Media Marketing to Boost Engagement

I like to call copywriting, "the art of getting people involved." The main aim behind copywriting is to get a particular action from the person reading your copy...

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from Alicia Bright

Three mistakes you want to avoid when marketing on Instagram

Instagram Marketing is valuable and you can definitely reap success on this visual platform. But more times than not, I see it over and over again where entrepreneurs are making the same mistakes repeatedly and, as a recipient, it does not reflect well on you. If you want to learn what common three mistakes to avoid while conducting Instagram marketing then keep on reading!