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  • Amber Tschantz

    holy crap. this is genius. Should I remember this?

  • Ivy Fullilove

    absolute genius life hack

  • Betsy Ayala

    Funny Stuff / Genius. Pure genius.

  • Michelle Huber

    Idea comes from a homework assignment, but who knew that things learned in college could be applied to real life?

  • Jackie Dulka

    Genius. Pure genius. Any idea how much this would have made my life so much easier in college?!?

  • Krista Osteen

    Let me just say that this is an awful idea. Most teachers will catch on that you did this on purpose, and some may even give you a zero anyway, especially in late high school and all throughout college. This encourages lazy habits. School is a privilege and should be treated as such.

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