Why I love the book Strategies That Work and FREE posters for your classroom!

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Why I love the book Strategies That Work and FREE posters for your classroom!

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Fake Reading vs. Real Reading: Plus 20 Additional Anchor Charts to Teach Reading Comprehension

Before, during, and after reading comprehension questions

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This checklist includes a variety of strategies that the teacher can either teach through direct instruction, or display for their students to use on their own while reading a text. These strategies will help students ensure that they are comprehending everything in a text.

Free Fluency Posters! Great posters to get your students to understand what it will take to become a fluent reader.

Flagging strategies for reading comprehension. They put the flags directly into the book while reading.

reading comprehension strategies poster Standard 1, Knowledge of Literacy. Standard 1.3 = The teacher has demonstrated the ability to develop reading comprehension and promotion of independent reading including COMPREHENSION STRATEGIES FOR A VARIETY OF GENRES.

Guided Reading . . . if then when

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Reading Comprehension Freebies! Poster, Bookmarks, and Fold ups. Love teaching that reading is thinking!

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