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Tomte on a Yule goat. "A tomte, nisse or tomtenisse is a mythological creature from Scandinavian folklore typically associated with the winter solstice and the Christmas season. It is generally no taller than three feet, has a long white beard and wears red or other colorful clothes. It is known as a gift bearer and is considered one of the Swedish and Norwegian versions of Santa Claus, although not entirely the same thing."

La Befana - Italian folklore about an old woman who flies on a broom and comes down the chimney to deliver presents to good children on the night of Jan 5th (Epiphany Eve).

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21 Vintage Postcards Of Krampus That Will Haunt Your Dreams

WOW, Krampus really has a thirst for children’s blood! | 21 Vintage Postcards Of Krampus That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Krampus is a beast-like creature from the folklore of Alpine countries thought to punish children during the Yule season who had misbehaved, in contrast with Saint Nicholas, who rewards well-behaved ones with gifts. Krampus is said to capture particularly naughty children in his sack and carry them away to his lair.

'Twas the night before Christmas! A playful illustration by Gyo Fujikawa 1961

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Greetings from the Krampus

Greetings from the Krampus... The reason why Austrian children don't suck

Knecht Ruprecht, which translates as Farmhand Rupert or Servant Rupert, is a companion of Saint Nicholas as described in the folklore of Germany. He first appears in written sources in the 17th century, as a figure in a Nuremberg Christmas procession. Tradition holds that he appears in homes on St. Nicholas day (December 6), and is a man with a long beard, wearing fur or covered in pea-straw. Knecht Ruprecht sometimes carries a long staff and a bag of ashes, and wears little bells on his

Oh Krampus... You devil you. I heart Krampus! Definitely lying to my children about him! You better not pout, you better not cry, you better not shout I'm telling you why... Krampus is gonna beat you down!

The Père Fouettard (French for The whipping Father) is a character who accompanies St. Nicholas in his rounds during St. Nicholas' Day (6 December) dispensing lumps of coal and/or floggings to the naughty children while St. Nick gives gifts to the well behaved.