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The Kelton House - The main ghosts at the house are largely the Keltons, who built the house and occupied it until the last of them, Grace Bird Kelton, died on Christmas Day, 1975. During renovation in 1976 the workers experienced many problems with the spirits, including the moving of furniture back into its original positions and the hiding of their tools. Also apparitions of both

10 Most Haunted Places in New England - Wonderslist

Raging fires, devastating floods and mines that ran dry: Haunting images of America's abandoned cities paint picture of nation's forgotten struggles

The ghost town of Bodie, California, was once a thriving mining settlement with a wild reputation. It is preserved in a state of 'arrested decay'

Funayūrei are ghosts (yūrei) that have become vengeful spirits (onryō) at sea. They have been passed down in the folklore of various areas of Japan. They frequently appear in ghost stories and miscellaneous writings from the Edo Period as well as in modern folk customs. In the Yamaguchi Prefecture and the Saga Prefecture, they are called Ayakashi. Funayūrei are ghosts believed to use hishaku (ladles) to fill boats with water and make them sink.

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