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    I love this hairstyle, however I'm cracking up at the instruction pictures. They don't show you anything on how to achieve this. Grab a section of hair at the crown and clip it to the side, grab a section behind the clipped hair, and hold it. Then smooth one side and hold it there. Then curl with a flat iron. TaaaDaaa!!! Haha! Booty Bouffant Hair Tutorial Booty Bouffant Hair Tutorial

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    natural hair tapered cut - Google Search

    For future reference, pray never have to use this.............. Coconut oil + apple cider vinegar to treat head lice. ... Coconut oil dissolves the lices outer skeletal shell instantly. So once you put it on someone's head you can have them shower and rinse it off right away and all the lice will be killed and gone! Plus there are no chemicals!

    natural hair | Asili Glam: How to soften coarse natural hair

    How to Co-Wash Natural Hair

    It's a hairdryer!!

    50 Insane Facts About Hair [infographic]

    How To Get Rid of Head Lice. A natural and homemade remedy that works and is cheaper than store bought treatments! Also ideas for preventing head lice, and treating linens and furniture.

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