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Haha! But that is me whenever I'm around two of my friends that are dating and they start flirting with each other. I'm just like: Ooooh what's this random thing here?

Only Magnus can call him pretty boy

I think that I will still be like this in a few years. I literally sit on my computer all day.

I watched an episode once where they found a woman's hair on a guys jacket and were like "she must be your girlfriend" and I was like "I find my roommates hair on my bra on a regular basis. You obviously don't understand how women's hair works."

How can lawyers argue without crying? I'm a laywer and let me tell you, it gets like really close dude

Dis is to adorable, How is did so adorable? How are they so adorable? Even tho I'm like the female version of them they deaf got me beat by looks.

I love how much they all grew together throughout the years. They are like a big crazy family and I hope they all take good care of each other! ❤

I love how he's immediately defensive, like Ron somehow already knows about the kiss