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Rich Pawlewski on

RT @richpawlew3: #bucciovertimechallenge Eichel. Say no more.

Kernes Media on

RT @KerNes_Media: Really want 2 reduce #policebrutality @Tip? Coax OUR #ncaa athletes 2 ONLY attend #HBCUs 4 next 10yrs. Watch @B1Gfootball intervene fast!

Chris Ross on

RT @mestasenesta: "Where are the fathers? if so many women weren't fatherless they wouldn't get raped" -never ever said. But we blame #Policebrutality victims

Wohlstandskind on

RT @Log_Vogel: Endlich wieder in der Mutterstadt! Ernüchternd: wenn 1 feststellt dass deine Bleibe direkt in der Keibelstr. ist #ACAB #Polizei #Berlin

Fabien Simpe Ⓥ on

RT @FabienSimpe: C'est Laforêt qui cache les forces de l'ordre #ACAB #PasDeNoir #QueDuBlanc

adam d wow cool on

RT @NaughtyJuror: if the kid threw the paper then yes he shld pick it up imo but if he didn't throw it there then he shldn't have 2 #policebrutality #FtWorth

RT @XX161XXAFAXX: Schnee Weit Wurf Aktion Training Wäre immer dann möglich wen es frischer Schnee ist.Haha #ACAB #ftp #1312 Öffentliche Plätze sind gut.

Scott Delperdang on

RT @Delperdangerous: Staal / Forsberg #bucciovertimechallenge @Buccigross I need this!

Finding Tranquility on

RT @TheTimeAfter12: accepting the offer because that is not compensation for the #PoliceBrutality . If you are not allowing someone to get a lawyer you are

patacca on

RT @iggyHT: @nonquella #acab mica per un cazzo @donnadimezzo