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Daily odd compliment

You're really good at being sarcastic. And it's not your fault that people take you seriously all the time. Be better at sarcasm, people.

Daily Odd Compliment

Daily Odd Compliment : Sometimes I feel like you're the only person who I can have a serious debate with about a fictional scenario that is ridiculously stupid

Not everyone not always

“You need to put yourself out there!” 19 Things Single Thirtysomethings Are Tired Of Hearing

@elizabethvezina double stuffed Oreos!!

Some people want r sail around the world, and I'm just like, "You wanna see how many cookies I can eat in five minutes?" And you'll be like, "I bet I can eat more than you." And that's why you're my best friend.

“What Happened”

Daily Odd Compliment - You're the best kind of friend because when I look like crap, you don't pretend like I don't. You're just like, "Whoa! What happened to you?" Which can be nice because sometimes I need to tell you what happened.

The sweatpants of my life @keifu Ward Webb @Miranda Marrs Marrs Guerra @Victoria Brown Brown Guerrero

Funny Friday

"I pretty much only feel comfortable when I’m around you. You're like the sweatpants of my life." {daily odd compliment} Ha ha so me!

Yesssss indeed

Shelby is currently single, and she's not really looking to mingle. One of her fears is being rejected in a relationship.