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Marian Wright Edelman - "We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big difference, ignore the small daily differences we can make, which over time, add up to big differences that we often cannot foresee."

I totally agree with this. I'm a Christian and I was raised to be against homosexuality, but I'm totally a supporter of the LGTB+ community.

White pride isn't about culture. It's about skin tone, and is synonymous not with pride for yourself but with hatred of every other group.

Lol this is funny because I'm almost the same with everyone except if I know you well it's a lil different because I'm different with my friends than I am with family

"Am I the only one who thinks, "love you" and "I love you." have two different meanings?"

ITS THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN GUYS<<<my friend and i have listened to this and every snowflake's different on repeat every day in gym

I would absolutely try to kill them both for that prank. And then, I would hug them and continue to cry.