Air conditioned lawn mower!

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LOL Idea for allergy season

Face protector for snow storms – Once sold in Canada

ginger horse hair


1930's Art Deco Style Toy Trike

Vintage Ads


Ha ha.., wij hadden ook een föhn met zo'n 'verlengstuk' :-D


Now this is a mower!

Let electricity do it! too funny

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Every guy should have to do this before they get a girl pregnant

Too much free time

fire retardant shorts. I'll just leave this here.

PEZ Space gun

Really...!!?? I can't stand to hear people eat!!! Holy cow!!

trim your fringe with tape

Nancy Reagan and Mr. T, 1983 -

"In Guizhou, China, a 64-year-old man has a bizarre facial anomaly. According to the article, at the age of eleven, while in the mountains, he was licked in the face by a wolf and was supposedly infected by something, causing his facial disfigurement over time