Air conditioned lawn mower!

Face protector for snow storms – Once sold in Canada

I'm pretty sure that's not right!

Ha ha.., wij hadden ook een föhn met zo'n 'verlengstuk' :-D

vintage air travel

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Mmm, yes indeed! I've even seen hydrogenated lard.

Laziness has no bounds

Bohn Aluminum 1947 48 49 A beautifully restored poster. Bohn Aluminum & Brass, 1947.

LOL Idea for allergy season

Pontiac, 1958 ( concept car / futurism / retro / vintage / hover craft / flying saucer / future / illustration) .... still waiting!

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Every guy should have to do this before they get a girl pregnant

This is how I trapped my man, bra lingerie ads hilarious vintage ads | Hilarious Vintage Sexist Womens Health Ads [Pictures] | Healthy Living ...

Now this is a mower!

Soviet vision of the future

Too much free time

Retro-Futurism at Disneyland

"In Guizhou, China, a 64-year-old man has a bizarre facial anomaly. According to the article, at the age of eleven, while in the mountains, he was licked in the face by a wolf and was supposedly infected by something, causing his facial disfigurement over time

trim your fringe with tape

Vintage advertisement for MacGregor's fire retardant shorts. "Look For The Burning Boy Label." Seriously, WTF?